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"Darcie's talks were great addition to the event."

"Wonderful presentation. I can start using this to make a difference right now!"

"I love how you come from a place of sharing and simplicity, rather than dogmatic and ego."

"You make me believe I can really heal myself."



"Darcie was there by my side and helped me recover. Her energy and commitment to heal others is an inspiration to me." "I was blessed to speak with Darcie and we talked about aspects of my practice and I just felt so blessed and so loved and so much peace when we were done."

"I learned many new things from my conversation with Darcie. I thought her presence was very valuable in support of the community at the event and it was comforting to have access to someone like her if needed."

"Darcie showed me that faith and strength and humility conquer hell."

"Darcie was incredible in her willingness to help and very caring."


Healing Sessions

"I join the weekly healing meditations with Chunyi Lin, and Darcie Gustine since last March and I never thought of what is going on in my whole life. Now, I can say, I am a different person completely. I cannot believe my life has changed, and different. Prior to taking this weekly Healing Meditation, I'm always on the run. I get mad easily when things don't get my way; never seemed to settle down with patient, and being uncharitable and rude to my families. Now I'm more calm, things don't get in my way anymore, and I'm expressing my love to those around me very easy. It's like a miracle that took its roll in my life. Thanks to Chunyi Lin, and Darcie for your time, and for all the energy you instill into my life. It is very uplifting and very powerful. I love you both, and may God bless you and continue empowering you with His gift of healing."

"I LOVED my sessions with Darcie!"

"I would like to express my deepest thanks to Darcie for working on my brother. She has helped my brother and I am so grateful"

"Practical, grounded, 'spot-on.' and filled with love...it simply doesn't get any better!"

"Darcie was especially helpful in getting rid of blockages."

"Darcie did a healing on my leg and I feel it's better now."

"I had a personal experience with Darcie that was invaluable. Around noon I started feeling ill-blurring vision, headachey, nauseated. By the end of the afternoon, I really felt pretty bad, and I knew I had a journey home on an airplane ahead of me. So I asked Darcie to help me. She worked on me longer than I really expected her to do. She was so lovely. She explained that my C-7 had closed- that she felt that we had not done enough of the ending head circle throughout the week- and how important they are to help keep C-7 open. She also told me to do Small Universe. Fortunately I had plenty of time to do all this, and by the time the airplane was in the air I was doing great. I felt that this was very important information, and a real gift."

"When Darcie did a group healing on some of us, I could feel her energy. At one point, my body jerked as if someone had pulled on a rope attached to my upper spine. I opened my eyes to see Darcie standing in front of me doing her thing. This experience apparently woke up my energy body, because I had a life-changing meditation later that evening."

"Darcie had worked with me earlier that day -or at least I felt that she was. The pain was much less on the way home than on the way to the retreat."

"Darcie was especially helpful in working on me during the week."


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